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Details Snapshots-Developments-of-Contemporary-Classical-Music

Werke von Ligeti, Varèse, Stockhausen, Berio, Schnittke, Webern, Dallapiccola, Nørgård, Bentzon, Tanggaard, Klit u.a. Elisabeth Klein/Klavier, Magnus Aadne/Perkussion, Chamber Choir HYMNIA, Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet, Gothenburg-Aarhus Philharmonic ...

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Details The-Lazy-Fundamental-Analyst-Applying-Quantitative-Techniques-to-Fundamental-Stock-Analysis

A simple, quick and effective approach to quantitative fundamental analysis The Lazy Fundamental Analyst presents a collection of strategies based on the application of quantitative analysis to fundamentals-based investing. It will appeal to anyone ...

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Details Fundamental-Transformation-Michelles-Journey

[{ Fundamental Transformation: Michelle's Journey [ FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION: MICHELLE'S JOURNEY ] By Wendt, Mary ( Author )Jul-30-2012 Paperback By Wendt, Mary ( Author ) Jul - 01- 2012 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details Robot-Technology-Fundamentals

Robot Technology Fundamentals Designed as a reference tool, this new book, Robot Technology Fundamentals, covers all the practical aspects, disciplines and latest developments in industrial robots. It includes various exercises and case studies for ...

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Details Fundamental

Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental - Cd

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Details Fundamentals-of-Software-Integration

Fundamentals of Software Integration Computer Architecture/Software Engineering Full description

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Details Coaching-Kids-and-Parents-Baseball-Fundamentals

Coaching Kids and Parents: Baseball Fundamentals

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Details Calorimetry-Fundamentals-Instrumentation-and-Applications

Fundamentals, Instrumentation and ApplicationsBroschiertes BuchClearly divided into three parts, this practical book begins by dealing with all fundamental aspects of calorimetry. The second part looks at the equipment used and new developments. The ...

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Details Pharmaceutical-Nanotechnology-Fundamentals-and-Practical-Applications

Fundamentals and Practical ApplicationsGebundenes BuchThis textbook explains the fundamental aspects of nanotechnology and fills the gap between bio-inspired nanotechnological systems and functionality of living organisms, introducing new insights to ...

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Details High-Entropy-Alloys-Fundamentals-and-Applications

Fundamentals and ApplicationsGebundenes BuchThis book provides a systematic and comprehensive description of high-entropy alloys (HEAs). The authors summarize key properties of HEAs from the perspective of both fundamental understanding and ...

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Details Molecular-Basics-Fundamental-principles-and-recipes

Fundamental principles and recipesGebundenes BuchThis is the ABC of innovative cuisine. Heiko Antoniewicz describes the fundamentals of molecular cuisine by way of 60 fantastic recipes. For instance: Tomato Sheet with Goat's Milk Cream Cheese ...

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Details Fundamentals-of-Strategy-with-Access-Card

Fundamentals of Strategy with MyStrategyLab and the Strategy Experience Simulation This package includes a physical copy of Fundamentals of Strategy, by Johnson, Whittington & Scholes as well as access to the eText, MyStrategyLab and The Strategy ...

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Details Aporetische-Theologie-Skizze-eines-Stils-fundamentaler-Theologie

Aporetische Theologie. Skizze eines Stils fundamentaler Theologie [Broschiert] [Jan 01, 1999] Hoff, Gregor M ... 3506739549

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Details Reversible-Computing-Fundamentals-Quantum-Computing-and-Applications

Fundamentals, Quantum Computing, and ApplicationsGebundenes BuchWritten by one of the few top internationally recognized experts in the field, this book concentrates on those topics that will remain fundamental, such as low power computing, reversible ...

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Details Fuball-Fundamentals-Koordinationstraining

Fußball-Fundamentals: Koordinationstraining Optimiere Beweglichkeit, Körper- und Ballkontrolle Jeder gute Fußballer benötigt ein hohes Maß an Beweglichkeit, Stabilität und Koordination. Je besser diese Grundlagen trainiert und eingesetzt werden ...

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Details The-Fundamentals-of-Human-Embryology

Fundamentals of Human Embryology Th e Fundamentals of Human Embryology covers embryonic development, with a unique focus on adult anatomy. Its goal is to impart to students a comprehensive overview of how the human embryo forms, not only as a basis ...

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Details Solid-State-Electrochemistry-I-Fundamentals-Materials-and-their-Applications

Fundamentals, Materials and their ApplicationsGebundenes BuchThe only comprehensive handbook on this important and rapidly developing topic combines fundamental information with a brief overview of recent advances in solid state electrochemistry ...

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Details Torwarttraining-Fehleranalyse-Fundamentale-bungen

Torwarttraining & Fehleranalyse Fundamentale Übungen für ein erfolgreiches Torwartspiel Ein guter Torwarttrainer macht aus einem schwachen Torhüter einen guten, aus einem guten Torhüter einen sehr guten und aus einem sehr guten Torhüter einen ...

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Details Expanding-Your-Borders-Fundamental-Business-Primer-for-Entrepreneurs

[ Expanding Your Borders: Fundamental Business Primer for Entrepreneurs Coleman, James ( Author ) ] { Hardcover } 2009

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Details Hydroformylation-Fundamentals-Processes-and-Applications-in-Organic-Synthesis

Fundamentals, Processes, and Applications in Organic SynthesisGebundenes BuchFilling a gap in the market for an up-to-date work on the topic, this unique and timely book in 2 volumes is comprehensive in covering the entire range of fundamental and ...

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Details Fuball-Fundamentals-Lauf-ABC

Fußball-Fundamentals: Lauf-ABC Die Grundlagen der Lauftechnik in nur 30 Minuten Fußball ist ein Laufsport. Natürlich steht das technisch-taktische Training im Vordergrund. Trotzdem ist es genauso wichtig, intensiv an der richtigen Lauftechnik zu ...

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Details Nanomachines-Fundamentals-and-Applications

Fundamentals and ApplicationsGebundenes BuchNanomachines represent one of the most fascinating topics in of nanotechnology. These tiny devices provide diverse opportunities towards a wide range of important applications, ranging from targeted delivery ...